Why We're Here

When the Class of 2010 left the US Air Force Academy, they wanted to make sure they left their mark on their alma mater. As 22-year-olds, they weren’t sure what that mark would be, but they were confident their class could make a difference. Since leaving the Academy, members of the Class of 2010 have donated a monthly allotment of $20.10 to a fund with the Association of Graduates to use at a later date. We had a multi-generational vision to give back.

Over time, the Class of 2010 created an Endowment for Cadet Morale. With a purpose of fostering and boosting cadet morale, the endowment awards the winning squadron of USAFA’s Outstanding Squadron of the semester (fall and spring) with $5,000 to spend on their squadron.

But we wanted to do more.
At our 10-year reunion, held in 2021, our class voted to split the Fund into the Cadet Morale Endowment, which would remain under the management of the Association of Graduates (AOG), and a separate 501c3 nonprofit organization, The 2010 Foundation. This would allow us to provide support to issues and needs as they arise without restriction from the AOG as a whole and the flexibility to grow into the future.