Giving Back to the USAFA Community

We’re Changing the Way Grads Give Back

The 2010 Foundation strives to meet needs that matter and provide resources without red tape. We try to keep bureaucracy at a minimum. The foundation supports initiatives as voted on by the board on behalf of the class of 2010.


Resources without the Red Tape for Needs that Matter.

Cadet Hardships

We understand USAFA cadets come from all walks of life and means. Lack of resources can affect the cadet experience from affording an element dining out to affording a plane ticket home. We're here to help relieve some of those additional stressors.

Cadet Pregnancy Support

Military Academy Pregnancy Support, or "MAPS", supports cadets and midshipmen who find themselves on the journey to parenthood while enrolled at the service academies. We feel strongly that no one should have to decide between their children and service and provide support through planning and financial assistance.

Cadet For a Day

The Cadet for a Day (C4aD) is cadet-run program designed to honor local children  who are struggling to overcome serious physical challenges, by creating a unique experience for the C4aD as an honorary member of a Cadet Squadron.

Why We Exist

When the Class of 2010 left USAFA, they wanted to make sure they left their mark on the Academy.

As 22-year-olds, they weren’t sure what that mark would be, but they were confident their class could make a difference. Since leaving the Academy, members of the Class of 2010 have donated a monthly allotment of $20.10 to a fund with the Association of Graduates to use at a later date. We had this vision of ‘we don’t know what we want to do, but we know we will have better vision for it ten years from now.'

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